Does the Moon Influence Paranormal Activity?

on May 14, 2010 in Guest Authors

Rosemary Ellen Guiley has written a boatload of books and articles on all things paranormal and other interesting subjects as well.

If you find this article about the moon interesting, do peruse her website. I’ll bet there is a book waiting there for you to discover.

By Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Copyright Visionary Living, Inc.

There’s plenty of supernatural folklore about the moon and its effects on people and living things. There’s also good evidence that the moon affects paranormal phenomena, too.

In folklore, a full moon is a time of increased activity of all sorts. The full moon has been
blamed for causing insanity and crazy behavior. It is a time of good luck and bounty, of bursting sap and copious blood. Because vital forces and fluids are at their peak, things should not be cut and surgeries should not be undertaken, according to lore.

The full moon also has a real biological tide effect on fluids in the body, which could affect mental states – and, by extrapolation, a person’s sensitivity to psychic phenomena. Depending on the individual, sensitivity might increase or decrease. Many paranormal investigators feel that the full moon is not good for investigations, however, and say that waning and new moon phases seem to be better. From a folklore perspective, it makes sense. The riot of natural activity stirred up by the moon could interfere with the ability of subtler phenomena to stand out.

The full moon actually produces geophysical effects that may indeed dampen paranormal activity. The earth expands 1/16 of an inch during the full moon’s gravitational pull. The expansion is caused by the movement of magma chambers below the earth’s surface. These movements affect the earth’s magnetic fields. Many paranormal hot spots are in areas of negative magnetic anomalies. Thus, an increase in magnetic fields is likely to have an adverse impact on paranormal activity.

Actually, neither the precise full moon nor new moon may be the best times for the paranormal. Take note of these findings in ufology related to lunar phases, compiled by my research colleague Philip J. Imbrogno, a noted ufologist, science educator and author of several books, among the, The Interdimensional Universe, Files From the Edge and (as co-author ) Night Seige. Phil has compared lunar phases in 3,432 reports of UFO sightings in the Hudson Valley, New York area between 1983 and 1997, where a major UFO wave occurred. He found that the peak of UFO activity occurred 2.5 days after the full moon, with a second and lesser peak 2.5 days after the new moon.

Many paranormal hot spots feature a wide range of activity – not just hauntings, but UFO sightings and mysterious creatures as well. A study of the dates and times of non-UFO paranormal activity probably would show the same lunar phase pattern, Phil says.

Phil and I are presently researching portals, areas of “hot” paranormal activity, and we are compiling lunar phase and other data to help establish patterns in these areas.

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  1. There was a comparable account on Npr a while back. I believe it was penned by a retired war correspondent, wish a could track down the url. He basically has the same conclusion so I guess it would be repetitive in any case.

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